Frequently asked questions

What do I need before my first lesson?
You must have a provisional license. Your driving instructor will need to see this before he/she can take you on the roads.  You must also be able to read a car registration number (new style) from a distance of 20meters. (Old style) 20.5meters.

Can I pre-pay?

How many lessons will I need?
Most people need at least 40 lessons.

How long will it take me to learn? 
If you have one lesson per week, this will take 40 weeks.  If you can practice with a parent or friend, you will learn a lot quicker.

Is it ok for dad/mom/friend to take me out for practice?
Yes.  They must be over 21 and have three years or more driving experience. The car must be properly insured for you as a learner.  It must have L plates front and back, ideally not in the back window, as this restricts your vision. It is a good idea to have a small rear view interior mirror on the passenger side, for the person accompanying you.

How do I apply for Theory/hazard perception and practical test?
You can apply on line.  Go to the DSA website, www.dsa.gov.uk
Or you can phone, 0300 200 1122.

Do I need to do my Theory/ hazard perception test before I start driving lessons?
No, but it’s a good idea to start studying for it; the theory you learn will help you with your driving, as will the hazard perception.  The theory/hp test is valid for 2 years, so you will need to pass your driving test in this time, otherwise you will have to take the theory/hp test again.

What car will I take my test in?
Most people take their test in the driving school car, booking a 2 hour lesson, for a practice before the test, to take the test, and then to be driven home by the instructor.  You can take the test in your own car.  Remember it must be legal and fully insured for test purposes, have a properly fitted front passenger seat, seat belt and head restraint, and also an interior rear view mirror on the passenger side. It must also have L plates front and rear, and be in good working order.  The test will be cancelled if a light is not working, for example.

Family and friends have taught me to drive, can you tell me if I’m ready for my test.
If you haven’t had lessons from an ADI (approver driving instructor), you will probably have learned quite a few bad habits. These will have to be corrected before you are ready for your test,so you will probably need a few lessons.

Do you do intensive courses?
Yes, but we find learners get quite tired after driving for more than  two hours, so we prefer to do two hours in the morning, have a break, then another two hours in the afternoon; four hours per day, twenty hours per week, or more if you include the weekend.

What is eco friendly driving?
Eco friendly driving means driving your car more efficiently, using gears, accelerator and brake correctly,  having the correct tyre pressure, using the air conditioning sparingly, and not having unnecessary roof racks, etc,  thereby using less fuel, reducing your car’s emissions, and saving you money.