“We give a personal service which bigger schools cannot match, and at competitive rates.


1 hour lesson £22
1 & half hours £30
2 hours £40
10 hours £200 Pre Paid

Free Motorway Lesson

When you pass your test with us we will give you a FREE Motorway lesson, use this as part of Pass Plus.

Pass Plus

Having passed your driving test you have proved that you have reached the minimum safe standard to drive unsupervised. You were not allowed to drive on motorways, and may never have driven in bad weather or at night.

passplusPass Plus consists of 6 modules, each one hour, covering tuition on motorways, dual carriage ways, rural and urban driving, night time and all weather driving.

There is no test to pass at the end of Pass Plus, and participating insurance companies offer up to 35% off the cost of your insurance.

Cost is £150. (£125 if you use your free motorway lesson).

It is a voluntary scheme that offers many benefits to newly qualified drivers, helping them to gain experience, become a more skilful driver, and reduce their risk of being involved in an accident.

By taking a Pass Plus course, you will improve your driving skills and reduce your risk of being involved in an accident, or worse, being the cause of one.